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Thank you for visiting my profile! If you like my work be sure to watch me and leave a comment below if you want :D

These are my latest works, hope you like them :iconsuperw00tplz:

Which is your favorite Selenic Dragon from The Darkness Tales? 

8 deviants said Full moon Dragon (EDITED) by arkaeldarknnes
6 deviants said The Darkness Tales Species - Crescent moon Dragon by arkaeldarknnes
1 deviant said New Moon Dragon by arkaeldarknnes


Jul 29, 2014
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    So, yeah, there are a couple of things I want to share with you and, well, I didn't find a good tittle =P I hope your favorite project is going to get some extra action these next days/months :D And I'm sorry if it will be halted for a while :(

Anyway, now that I managed to install my manga studio, I will start doing the sketches for the pages of all my series, specially the next ones for my TDT, since I already have a couple of them up. Talking about that, how many pages would you like it to be per chapter, I've done some research good at maths :chemistryset:  and I found that most mangas have around 20-25 per chapter. So I think I should go with that.
    Also, I've been thinking about releasing each chapter in 5-8 long images (like other webcomics) or using the new motion book, which I don't really know much about... anyway, what do you think?

Oh, and before I forget again, remember to participate in my polls, that's a great way to help me in my projects :D

The Darkness Tales

    I will keep releasing images for the dragons and other various creatures form the world of Yggdramiar once in a while, check them out! Also, once I start releasing them again, you may start noticing changes in the story form the written chapters and a ton of changes regarding the character designs that I wanted to keep as a surprise, but I really hope you like them :D


    I changed a lot the story from the first version of the fanfic that I was writing, so wait for tons of surprises. New cards, monsters and characters were designed and redesigned for the best fanfic ever!! xD If you are interested in seeing a little small tiny preview, leave it in the comments and I may upload some spoiler-free sketches for the panels of first pages xD

Pokemon Nijitaki Region

    I will also keep releasing the new designed fakemons, but I want to also start doing the comic (that's why I did the contest that will end in a couple of days). But I want to state something really important about that comic: I will try to make it a more "realistic" pokeworld. This means that I will change some of the game rules. Not the way the anime does, (Dat lvl 5 bird beating a lvl 315 pikachu), but instead, I will change some rules that I think are either pointless or should only exist in the videogame to "balance" it. It is really probable that I will do some comic strips to explain it better.
    The changes that I have in mind by now are these: Immunities, levels, evolution, Breeding.
    Something important to tell about this is that I don't pretend to change the rules for the games or for example, the nuzlock challenges, but I really would like to see people who like to do role play about pokemon using these rules, since they are trying to write an story about the pokemon world, not really playing the games.


The design of my original digimons is going well, but the story is giving me some trouble (I haven't had enough time to work on it also). So this project won't see much activity for a while.

So, that's all I can think for now, but I really hope you can find this info interesting, and if you don't at least here is some pie :iconapplepieplz:
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  • Playing: YGO! TCG, Dark souls, Minecraft
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Yep, I just hit 14,000

So keep visiting everyday to check how far we are for the next kiriban!
  • Mood: Triumph
  • Listening to: Mägo de Oz, J-music, Vocaloid
  • Reading: Lovecraft, JR Tolkien, Brisngr (Inheritance books)
  • Watching: YGO! Arc-V and other various serie/anime
  • Playing: YGO! TCG, Dark souls, Minecraft
  • Eating: Everything! Nom nom nom
  • Drinking: Natural fruit drinks and water
I think that I will call this a new kind of thing that I would like to do. Actually the first one was going to be my thoughts about the digimon universe, but since I saw yesterday the new transformers movie, I have to rant about it first.

First of all, this is only my opinion, but there are a couple of things that you may not like but are true. So let's start. Also, I've realized a lot of things I disliked were mostly about Optimus character, so, sorry Optimus lovers.

Before starting, I have to state that I liked the movie. Overall, it was good for a Michael Bay thingy and after all it is like an anime about toys/cards, it is meant for kids to buy their stuff, so, what did you expect? Anyway. The human protagonists are thousands of times better than the last movies ones, these characters really had some worthy comic and emotional moments. And the love story here is way more awesome.

But again, this movie has lots of flaws that could have been fixed easily. But anyway, I'll mention them bellow.

CAUTION Minor spoilers ahead! CAUTION

Plot Holes, plot holes everywhere
Yes, tons of them. Tons of premises wasted and tons of elements that were a waste of screen time. You want to know which ones? See the movie.

Dead people

Don't worry it isn't a spoiler. Yes, every human protagonist should have died in this movie. What I mean is that, with most falls and shakes, and transformers power hugs, the humans characters should have dust instead of bones, their necks should have broke dozens of times, without talking.

Deifying gravity!
Something that I've never liked about some scenes is when a transformer makes something float in the air, normally small objects like the leadership matrix. But, well, you could say it is part of some macnetic field that transformers have developed. But damn, those robots (That you can easily see in the trailers) that to transform need to turn into millions of tiny cubes, can defy gravity and float around for a hell of time! I mean, if that material can do that, why can't all the robots float all the time?

A really small spoiler. DA f*CK WITH THAT????? I mean, I don't have anything against bronies. Actually there is a brony somewhere inside of me. I'm in love with some of Flutershy humanifications and some episodes that I saw were kind of funny, like dexter's lab/powerpuff girls/Fairy Odd parents funny, (Oh, old cartoons, one day I should talk about that). But it is a transformers movie, I hope to see explosions, epic battles and the freaking dinobots! Not a pony. It was a cheap way of comedy that at least IMO, didn't work pretty well.

Why the f*ck do you want a medic?
So, you, a human, which can't pay your bill because you suck at what you do and can't make anything work, can fix a transformer's engine in one night?? That's awesome. BTW, I will put here a minor rampant too. DAF*K with that hole in the ground at the barn, when did you did it???? Anyway, you want to know what is MORE awesome? That a transformer that is almost falling apart piece by piece, siemply goest and BOOM! You scan a new car and you get totally fixed! Again, why the fuck do you need a medic for?

That was a really dumb part of the movie IMO.

Why would someone complain about violence in this kind of movie? Well, I do, specifically only one scene about a car, a baseball bat, a couple looking to buy a house and an afroamerican woman. I mean, again, cheap comedy (Yeah, I consider it a joke. If it wasn't supposed to be a joke, then it is worst that I've thought) that wasn't neither necessary nor effective. The same goes for Optimus prime attitude in this movie. For a wise leader, he is a moron. I mean, He, more than anyone else, should understand that even in the same planet, in the same group of individuals, there will always be people with different opinions and overall, there will always be good and bad people. You can't just judge everyone as the same. I've never been able to respect the optimus prime from these movies. :iconfacepalmplz:

Have you seen my lizard? Please, while you're killing each other try to search for it.
Ok, everyone knows how this movie will end, so even if it is a kind of big spoiler, who really cares about the story? Anyway. You win the battle and decide to leave the planet for an important mission, I understand that Optimus. But just a couple of hours/days ago, you saw how the other autobots almost killed each other to see who was going to be leader. And you still leave without saying anything? DAF*K??????!!!! Well, I suppose you trust your crew, even the fucking dinobots that only you can prevent to wreak havoc, because you know, YOU LET THEM LOOSE IN CHINA!!! That's why I can't respect you Optimus, you take really stupid decisions :iconfacepalmplz:

Anyway, like I've said. It was a good movie, loved the new bots and battles. But it doesn't make me forget about the bad parts of it.

What do you thought about the movie? Did you like it? There's something you didn't like it? Leave a coment! :D

  • Mood: Triumph
  • Listening to: Mägo de Oz, J-music, Vocaloid
  • Reading: Lovecraft, JR Tolkien, Brisngr (Inheritance books)
  • Watching: YGO! Arc-V and other various serie/anime
  • Playing: YGO! TCG, Dark souls, Minecraft
  • Eating: Everything! Nom nom nom
  • Drinking: Natural fruit drinks and water

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